Why is CRM so important?

crm - customer relationship management
A good CRM covers you no matter how many contacts you have and what are your demands in your communications with customers (members, contacts).

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In this post you will find:

What CRM stands for?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – just out of the name you can get an idea what it is for.

Now, even though it is called “customer” relationship management, it is not necessarily only for businesses that have customers.

I applied CRM in various situations and it helped very much to different voluntary organisations, schools, sport clubs and even religious communities.

Every kind of organisation that has contact, interaction with people, can benefit using CRM.

How it helps businesses (and other kinds of organisations)?

Depending on your business/organisation CRM can help you in various ways. Here you can check one of the examples.


One of main features of every CRM is automation. In today’s world there are so many tasks you must handle every day and you should leverage softwares that offers help.


Email sequences are a very powerful tool that is used pretty much in the marketing. However, I find it useful even in communication with friends and family. A lot of people simply don’t open every email they get. But if you send them a sequence of 5-6-10 emails with 2 days in between, you will have more chances to get a reply.

Chat bots

Well, even though a lot of people are not very happy to chat with the robot, statistics says that the majority doesn’t care whether they are chatting with a bot or person as long as they can solve the problem. So, imagine that you help some of your customers without spending a second of your time. Now, sounds like a good idea to invest some time to prepare a chat bot.


Did you notice how lately you are receiving emails from total strangers or from your favourite coffee shop next door, school, kindergarten… whatever. Most emails today start with “Hi Name,”. You don’t expect that someone is sitting in the office for 2 days and sending thousands of emails changing names in any email, don’t you? That is what CRM is for. You can personalize emails in many different ways, “name” is just an example.


Instead of writing every email, you can prepare templates and the whole email will be ready by just one click.


This is a very useful tool. Just like you filter in excel sheets, you can filter your contacts by any property that you have in your CRM. Imagine that you want to filter only contacts that were born in January 1997. If you have a date of birth for all of your contacts, you will be able to get this data.

Track record

For each contact you can have a very precise track record.


How did you get to the contact (does it come from social media ads, from organic search, manually, who made this contact manually).


If your CRM is integrated with your website, if your contact accepts cookies, you can get full insight into what pages are most interesting to him/her.


Every email, call, note, task – everything is stored in CRM. So, if the person responsible for CRM in your company decides to change job, the next one who is taking over can have all the details ready in one place.

Tasks delegation

If there is a team of people working on the CRM, it is possible to delegate certain tasks to different operators. By using this tool, you can be sure that no task is forgotten and that every customer gets the service he/she deserves.


Since you have the possibility to send marketing emails, you have clear insight of the delivery, open and click rate. Then you can decide if you need to change the subject line, call to action…

Meeting bookings

This is very important for sales departments. Instead of sending 5 emails back and forth in order to agree about a meeting, simply send a booking link to your prospect and let him decide what suits him best.

Deal flow

Is your prospect in the initial stage, open for a deal, did you close the deal, how much the deal is valuable to your business… 

By listing all these benefits, I am just thinking now.

A good CRM covers you no matter how many contacts you have and what are your demands in your communications with customers (members, contacts).

If you are communicating one on one or with all of your contacts. If you are missing something, most likely your CRM is not the best one. Try another one.

Which platform is the best?

This depends on your needs. You can google this information and even more confused. Of course you cannot try all of them and then decide.

I didn’t try out all of them either, so I will simply share with you my experience with HubSpot and why I choose them.

As every modern business HubSpot offers enough small features so that small businesses can benefit enough until they grow.

Then, when they are big enough and they need more features, then they can apply for more and get paid features.

I chose HubSpot simply because I saw very successful companies are using it and they claimed that they are super satisfied.

After I tried it, free and paid, I claim that they are awesome!

Another great thing is that HubSpot has a great community and something they call HubSpot academy (totally free) where you can master using CRM and also some other skills needed to succeed in business.

I strongly encourage you to do your own research, but if you don’t have time for that, if you choose HubSpot you will not make mistake.

PS This is not an affiliate link. It will simply take you to their home page.


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