How to save time by using the CRM?

How to save time by using CRM?
Invest a bit of time to prepare the system and let the technology works for you.

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Can I really save time with CRM or waste it?

No, really, you don’t have to be a genius to connect the dots and use CRM to save time.

Before we go deeper, if you are not clear what the CRM is (customer relationship management), check this post here.

Assuming that we know what we are talking about, we can continue.

I was amazed how much time some friends of mine are wasting on copying data from submitted forms into the excel file.

Don’t get me wrong. I love excel and everything that has to do with it!! Yes! I am an excel freek!

But there are simple solutions that can save us time, so why wouldn’t we use them.

Story goes like this.

My friends that were in charge of taking care of members database in their community (it is community that had about 100 new members every month at the time) had this routine:

  1. Someone fills in the form on their website
  2. They receive that form on email
  3. They copy and paste data from email to the excel file

Pretty simple, makes sense. It is still better than taking personal data over the phone.

Once, I was helping them. I didn’t know how they did it, so I was even curious.

When I was introduced to the process…



It took me an hour to handle dozens of forms and I did it without arguing.

Then I asked them would they be willing to hear my suggestion on how they could automate this process.



They never thought about it.

And they never thought about it because it is not an idea from their world.

They simply don’t know so much about computers.

They are just users as the majority of the people on this planet.

Didn’t blame them.

What we did?

We did a bit of preparation of the existing database (excel file) to match the criteria of the CRM.


Made an account and uploaded data on the CRM (my choice is HubSpot and there are plenty of CRMs out there)


Added CRM plug in on their WordPress website, logged in, replicated and replaced existing form.


Minor adjustments here and there. Some make-up, changing colours, thank you email…


Every contact form after that was saved automatically in the database in the CRM.

And, yes, they could always extract excel files to have a “better” overview (power of habits).

Of course, they still need to double check entered data, but that takes far less time than before.

Now, every Thursday evening, instead of spending hours to copy/paste form details, they enjoy in the pub.

Guess who is a special guest!!

If this is too easy a task for you, think about helping your community leaders (sport club, social club, school).

You will be surprised how many of them still operate in the analog mode.

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