Who is your dream customer?

Dream customer
Success of every marketing strategy, campaign, even success of every business depends of understanding and knowing your dream customer.

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Do you really know who is your dream customer?

How do you imagine your dream customer?

He/she comes to your business, buys like crazy and leave??

If you ever read anything about marketing, you probably heard about dream customer.

I am not here to go through well known formula, but I will just cover it in the form of list.

This is the bare minimum that you must determine:

  • Age, gender, marital status, number and age of children, location
  • Occupation, job title, annual income, level of education
  • Goal and values
  • Challenges and pain points
  • Sources of information (books, magazines, blog/websites, conferences, gurus, other)
  • Objections and role in purchase process (objections to the sale and role in purchase decision making process)

The good news is that most of business owners and people responsible for marketing in a companies don’t go further from here.

However, it takes time and effort to do this research and it will be very challenging to fullfil this task.

I encurage you not to stop on this basic setup. Go deeper. Much, much deeper.

"Enter the conversation already taking place in the customer's mind."

So how do you really indentify your "dream customer"?

Imagine that you covered basics from the list above, now you want to make additional effort and run over your competitors.

What you need to do?

You need to know your customers intimately.

Read their minds.

You must be obsessed with their passions, dreams, fears and desires.

Sounds simple? Well, this is not just a thinking task. It demands a bit of sweat.

Where do you start your quest?

On Google, of course. (by the way, if you didn’t registered your business on google, I mean… check this post and do it right after reading. Do not postpone.)

First, think about where your audience is and look for what they say. For example:

If you are selling cars. Search for blogs, YouTube comments, reviews and social media platforms.

Find them and look what are they saying and feeling.

What makes them happy, what makes them unhappy?

What are their concerns regarding purches of product and service that you are selling?

Find out what keeps them up at night!!


Pro tip: pay close attention on the language they are using. This is a real treasure when it comes to preparing your offer. You want to use exact same words that your audience is using.

If they are talking about decent car for fair price, you don’t want to offer them good car for affordable price. Use exact same words.

You’re doing good. Keep up! I prepared a Customer Avatar 2.0 Template for you at the bottom of this page. Another tool that can help you in your quest.

What tools you can use to make your quest easier?

One of the best tools that you can use to find out what your customers are searching online is: AnswerThePublic.com.

At this website you can simply type in your search word or phrase (make sure that you chose right country and language).

In short time you will get all search phrases that people use regarding your target word or phrase.

Let’s see for example what are the search questions related to “CRM”:

Serach for dream customer

In addition you will find also prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical order of related words… Today this tool is still free to use but you can make limited number of search per day.

Now that you have AnswerThePublic results, you can widen your search with those phrases and continue to dig online until you get full insight of your customers mind.

Until you feel that you understand their deepest pains, fears, hopes and dreams.

And when you think that you are finished, go back one more time and see if you have missed something.

Pro tip: use pen and paper.

Write down questions and write down answers.

Some studies probably can explain the difference between writing on your PC and on the paper, maybe they already did.

But, who cares. It is a huge difference and this is how I do it.

You can either accept my advice or do it your own way. It is your choice.

Now get busy. Your real quest for dream customer already started.

You invested your time to read this article, don’t stop now.

I prepared a pdf file that can help you in this quest. A part from one page with standard questions, I prepared second page with going in deep kind of questions that will help you to tenpoint your dream customer.

That is why I called it “Customer Avatar 2.0”.

Fill in the form and download it now.

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