How to register your business on Google maps?

How to register your business on google maps?
…that pizza restaurant made additional revenue from our visit that they wouldn’t have if they were not on Google maps.

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In this post you will find:

  • Short story as an example why it is smart to register your business on Google maps.
  •  Instruction in form of 3 easy steps on how to do it (If you want to jump over the “why” and go to the “how” right away – click here)

Why would you register your business on Google maps?

Let me share a quick story with you.

Some time ago, I spent a weekend with my family in a city two hours drive from our home.

We had a wonderful time with children in a dino park.

On our way back we started talking about food. And what happened?

We got so hungry that we decided not to wait to come home. We didn’t have anything ready anyway, so it would take us too much time.

Let’s eat on the way…

Driving on the highway, we didn’t have too many options, but we didn’t want to pull on the first gas station and grab whatever.

We wanted some nice restaurant where we could have decent pizza (we were aiming to have an extraordinary one, but even decent would do the job).

So, we are driving fast and if we don’t decide in a couple of minutes, we will be even closer to home that it wouldn’t make sense to look for some new place to visit and eat.

By the way, it is Sunday afternoon in Norway. Not many places are open and anyway we don’t know the area.

How to find the right place in such a short period?

Google maps!

Instead of typing “pizza” in google search, my wife typed it in google maps.

Of course, Google almighty knows where we are and offers the closest pizza we can get there.

Not only that.

Check the picture. What do you see?


How to register your business on google maps?
  • Name of the place (of course)
  • Distance (position on the map)
  • Picture(s)
  • Opening hours
  • Contact details (website, phone number…)
  • Price range
  • And…
What is the most important information that is showing up here?
  • Reviews!

How many reviews do you have and what is your overall score?

In a matter of seconds she managed to make a choice, we jumped off the highway and visited one more place before coming back home for Sunday evening routines.

Was the pizza good? It was awesome!

Now, what is the point of the whole story.

That pizza restaurant that invested some effort to register business on Google, uploaded nice pictures, updated all necessary information…

and of course made so many great pizzas and had so many satisfied customers that posted reviews…

…that pizza restaurant made additional revenue from our visit that they wouldn’t have if they were not on Google maps.

If you are delivering a great product or service, you should embrace this and give people the opportunity to find you.

Doesn’t matter if you are well known already.

You never know when a hungry family will search for your place on their way back home.

Enough storytelling, let’s get to business. How to do it?

You won’t believe how simple it is.

Step #1

Go to Google maps and type in the address where your business is. Click here for google maps.

Step #2

Look for “Add your business”. Just for fun (and recalling memories), I chose one address on the beautiful Greek island – Crete.

Step #3

Follow the instructions. Google almighty will navigate you through this very easy process.


Pro tips:

Have some pictures ready to upload right away, so you don’t have to come back to make adjustments after. What pictures do you need?

  • Logo
  • Cover photo
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • On work
  • Your team
  • Video – if you have, you can also upload video

You don’t need to have all of these pictures, but as much as you upload, as transparent and real you will appear to the potential customers.

Did I mention that this is free? You do need to have a Google account, but that is free too.

Show yourself. Be visible online.

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